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Rain again...

Rebel without a crew

I just flu in from Denver...

Scene 1, Take 2

Long, yet pleasantly gruelling Sunday re-shoots

Mudwompin fools

The light at the end of the wave

Man with trailer in tow EXPOSED!

Once more, with feeling...

Mum's the word


Full rough cut and some audience tests...

Thanks to Everyone!!

Post: Take 1

Older and wiser. OK, mebbe just older.

Sunday, bloody Sunday

But wait! There's less!

Throw your hands up and SHOUT

It never rains in California

The fabric of film

Weather or not we shoot on Sunday

Week of the frenzy!

Like a virgi...errr moron...

Bad picture quality EXPOSED!

Countdown to extasy


Saturday, in the park, I think it was the 4th of July

Mike's McMic

Dog days

Mike, Mic and more rehersal

Eh? Can ya speak up sonny? And get that damn camera out of my face!

Shopping!!! Oooooo! My favorite! or, prepping for the location tests.

Cranes, planes and automobiles - And a couch.

Challenge Du Jour: Shipping company retardation and other ramblings

The 3rd man: No, Harry Lime does not live here.

Auditions done

Auditions: make sure you get my good side.

Location, location, location

Who are we? Sorry, no existentialist explanations here.