Monday, September 26, 2005

Eh? Can ya speak up sonny? And get that damn camera out of my face!

Well, we spent a good 3 hours on location yesterday running through the tougher setups. I was apprehensive about the last shot in the film since it requires a combination of dollying / booming / zooming / panning to pull it off, but Nancy figured out how to get it down and nailed it. Considering she has only had the dolly/crane setup for about 3 days, she did a killer job with the rig.

My sound guy is now trained and understands what to do and we rehearsed about 20 times, got him to set his frame line and hit his marks and repeat the frame line consistently.

It's clear to me though, that the mic is not sensitive enough. The audio that I get out of it is very quiet. I have to take it into the computer and boost the amplitude to make it usable, so I am going to research what I can do to get a hotter signal out of the mic.

In addition to that, I have to have the sensitivity on the recorder maxxed out and the monitor volume at max as well, so clearly a new microphone is in order here... (oy, says Nance. Another expense!)

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