Sunday, September 03, 2006

A veritable festival of news

The Aquarium, with it's ending music now finalized, has been entered into 5 film festivals:
  • The Los Angeles Uncensored Film Festival
  • The Tulsa Uncensored Film Festival
  • The Santa Barbara International Film Festival
  • The Kansas City Film Jubilee
  • A Flickering Festival - Hollywood

In addition to that, tyhe film was shown to a select group of independent filmmakers for their comments. We have also built a press/publicity page for the film. In addition, we have finalized a DVD version of the film that incorporates a standard 4x3 version and a 16x9 version. This DVD also includes a 3 minute behind the scenes featurette.

I have recently finished a new script that is tentatively called "Paranoid". This film should run about 10 minutes and will be much more of a challenge for us as filmmakers. I intend to seriously leverage nancy's lighting skills and provide a truly professional sound package for this.

Nancy and I are also playing with the idea of doing a docu on a local historic airport that was the home for a lot of very famous flyers over the years.