Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The black hole

New house progress

Well, here it is March and we are about 90 percent unpacked. My office is all set up and Melinda's is about 90 percent done. Her office and a few items in the master bedroom are all that is left.

We still have one peice of furnature due in from a vendor. Melinda's sister Jazz came down from Northern CA yesterday to help with painting. For some reason, Melinda is not fond of stark white for the interior colour scheme. Go figure.

We have a small issue with ants that have decided that chemical laden water from the spa is damn fine drinkin! I set some bait traps but they don't seem to care about them at all. Looks like I will have to call in an exterminator to get rid of them.

The Oscars


Crash: Best Picture. Hmmm. I liked the film but I had issues with the way that it portrayed racisim in Los Angeles. I thought it was a bit too much over the top in this regard.

Theaters > DVD: Well, clearly there is a bit of a panic here on the part of Hollywood as to box office. The problem is that the box office performance is hindered by:
  • Noisy Patrons
  • Cell phones
  • Crappy presentation prints
  • Lack of decent films
On the last one, I think there are good films out there: Good night and good luck, Siriana, Walk the line, The Constant Gardener and a few others. But the majority of what I see being put out by Hollywood is junk. So, instead of telling me how good Lawrence of Arabia and Ben Hur look on the big screen, give me more films of the quality of these two and I am there. And I won't be alone.

The Aquarium

Well, I still have two shots left to do to finish the film. I am hoping that, weather permitting, I can get this done early next month. I plan to finish the music for it this month now that I have the midi studio set up. I just need to get my Marshall guitar amp back from Jim and I am all set!