Sunday, September 03, 2006

A veritable festival of news

The Aquarium, with it's ending music now finalized, has been entered into 5 film festivals:
  • The Los Angeles Uncensored Film Festival
  • The Tulsa Uncensored Film Festival
  • The Santa Barbara International Film Festival
  • The Kansas City Film Jubilee
  • A Flickering Festival - Hollywood

In addition to that, tyhe film was shown to a select group of independent filmmakers for their comments. We have also built a press/publicity page for the film. In addition, we have finalized a DVD version of the film that incorporates a standard 4x3 version and a 16x9 version. This DVD also includes a 3 minute behind the scenes featurette.

I have recently finished a new script that is tentatively called "Paranoid". This film should run about 10 minutes and will be much more of a challenge for us as filmmakers. I intend to seriously leverage nancy's lighting skills and provide a truly professional sound package for this.

Nancy and I are also playing with the idea of doing a docu on a local historic airport that was the home for a lot of very famous flyers over the years.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

As the tide rolls in

Well, a number of updates. We have updated the web site, so be sure to check that out. We have also finished post on the Aquarium. In the interim, we have been doing some videography for local music groups. Projects on the horizon include:

  • Private Paradise
  • Music videos for KC Phillips
  • a documetnary on the Santa Paula Airport
  • More vidography for operas and concerts
  • Commercial video for an attorney.

We certainly do not lack for work to do. The DVD duplication for the vidiography has been a real challenge. Moreso then I thought it would be. Nancy and I also went out to the Santa Paula airport so that she could practice hand held camera operatation and that went very well. I took the 30 minutes of footage that she shot and turned it into a nice 5 minute montage. Message me if you want a link to the video so you can check it out.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Well here we are on devil day. Been a long time since I have updated here. We have had a ton of activities to distract us from film making with trips out of town, visiting relatives and getting laid off from work. The getting laid off from work one has really distracted me after just buying this house.

But this too shall pass. I have some great possibilities for work and I should have a new gig very soon here. In the mean time, I have been studying like mad and I just got around to setting up my authoring tools for ye olde web site. I finished the opening theme for the Aquarium and now I just need to finish the credits theme and we are ready to release this thing in some fashion.

I am thinking about just releasing on the web since that will save me having to re-shoot the opening scene (if the image is big you can see the issues - web sized, you cannot).

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The black hole

New house progress

Well, here it is March and we are about 90 percent unpacked. My office is all set up and Melinda's is about 90 percent done. Her office and a few items in the master bedroom are all that is left.

We still have one peice of furnature due in from a vendor. Melinda's sister Jazz came down from Northern CA yesterday to help with painting. For some reason, Melinda is not fond of stark white for the interior colour scheme. Go figure.

We have a small issue with ants that have decided that chemical laden water from the spa is damn fine drinkin! I set some bait traps but they don't seem to care about them at all. Looks like I will have to call in an exterminator to get rid of them.

The Oscars


Crash: Best Picture. Hmmm. I liked the film but I had issues with the way that it portrayed racisim in Los Angeles. I thought it was a bit too much over the top in this regard.

Theaters > DVD: Well, clearly there is a bit of a panic here on the part of Hollywood as to box office. The problem is that the box office performance is hindered by:
  • Noisy Patrons
  • Cell phones
  • Crappy presentation prints
  • Lack of decent films
On the last one, I think there are good films out there: Good night and good luck, Siriana, Walk the line, The Constant Gardener and a few others. But the majority of what I see being put out by Hollywood is junk. So, instead of telling me how good Lawrence of Arabia and Ben Hur look on the big screen, give me more films of the quality of these two and I am there. And I won't be alone.

The Aquarium

Well, I still have two shots left to do to finish the film. I am hoping that, weather permitting, I can get this done early next month. I plan to finish the music for it this month now that I have the midi studio set up. I just need to get my Marshall guitar amp back from Jim and I am all set!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The long and winding road

Been damn busy with the new house and work. Been slowly unpacking. I have my office mostly set up now. Got all of my MIDI gear racked and did some tests recording to the PC and it's all working. I just need to get my patchbay set up as well as my 16 channel mixer and I will be good to go. I did record some guitar tracks last night just to lay down some musical ideas for the Aquarium.

It's been interesting setting up my MIDI gear again. Most of it is pretty old stuff (POD 2.0, Roland D50, Yamaha TX7 etc). I was amazed to find both some SYSEX librarian software as well as a ton of voice patches for both the D50 and TX7 on the internet. Seems there is a whole sub-culture of vintage synth people out there still going strong.

We used the hot tub a few times and boy with my back aching from moving I needed it too!

OK, back to work for this slacker!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It's been a long time coming...

Been a while since I updated here so here goes...

We closed escrow on the 2nd of Feburary. All in all it went pretty smooth except for getting everything out of the old place and into the new house (see pic below). I am scheduled to go to Chicago on the 8th and we are just now finishing up getting everything into the house. So my stress levels are very high...

More after I get back from Chicago.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Now, don't mis-underwrite me here, but...

Well, the finances are underwritten for the house as of yesterday and the escrow contingency has been satisfied so the ball is rolling and basically unstoppable now. Here is a picture of the joint:

Friday, January 06, 2006

Good house hunting

Well, we are in escrow on a house and that has been eating all of our time between inspections, negotiations, financing, appraisals and god knows what else, we will probably set up our final re-shoot of the last 2 shots to be re-done in late Feb.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!