Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Well here we are on devil day. Been a long time since I have updated here. We have had a ton of activities to distract us from film making with trips out of town, visiting relatives and getting laid off from work. The getting laid off from work one has really distracted me after just buying this house.

But this too shall pass. I have some great possibilities for work and I should have a new gig very soon here. In the mean time, I have been studying like mad and I just got around to setting up my authoring tools for ye olde web site. I finished the opening theme for the Aquarium and now I just need to finish the credits theme and we are ready to release this thing in some fashion.

I am thinking about just releasing on the web since that will save me having to re-shoot the opening scene (if the image is big you can see the issues - web sized, you cannot).