Sunday, September 25, 2005

Shopping!!! Oooooo! My favorite! or, prepping for the location tests.

Well, we finished all of the shopping last night. Got the weights for the crane, shims for the dolly track, netting mesh for the background diffuser, keepers for the cables on the crane and some very nice velcro strapping for the lead acid battery that the remote monitor uses.

The monitor turned out very nice mounting on the center of the crane and we mounted the lead acid battery back at the rear of the crane so it acts as part of the counterweight system. Picked up a cooler on wheels so we can have drinks on the set as well.

Most of the gear is packed up and ready for loading for today's tests and sound training. My buddy Mike will handle the sound for the shoot so I will train him on the use of the boom, setting a frame line, and aiming the mic for the dialog.

Just finished loading the crane into the car along with the dolly tracks. It's a tight fit in the ole Camry but I got it all in there.

Going to load up the rest of the gear and get ready to head out now. I'll post an update tomorrow on our results for todays setups and testing.

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