Thursday, September 29, 2005

Mike's McMic

Well I got the ME66 tonight. I was surprised the UPS guy even bothered to come here as the Topanga fire is about 3 miles from here. The sky is black with smoke and it looks like it's snowing outside from all of the ash falling. Here is a picture:

That is all smoke - The pic is from the Z1 taken from the roof just a while ago. It smells like a bonfire outside and smoke is hanging in the air like a fog.

Well, I ran a bunch of tests with the ME66 and A/B'd it with the ATR55. - What a difference. MUCH hotter mic. On the test I linked here, the first part is the ME66 with the input level of the R1 about 1/5th of the way on. In the second part, the R1's input level is at max. For both tests, the mic is held at the same location relative to me in the room.

Test MP3

MUCH better!


oftensidetracked said...

I am sorry to hear and see the fire damage there in CA!
We just had hurricane Rita here but managed to make it thru 1st hurricane. Only 3 inches of much needed rain at my house.
Back to you however, I hope that the winds stay down till they get things under control...Good luck.

B-Scene Films said...

ziyptwThanks for the kind words, oftensidetracked. Fortunately, what we are experiencing here is NOTHING compared to what the folks in the south have gone through with the recent hurricanes.

The fire teams here in CA are just amazing. In all of this wildfire activity, only ONE home has burned and 5 other structures. The fire fighters have saved over 2000 homes so far.

The weather is supposed to get milder today and that will help them get this thing under control.