Friday, September 16, 2005

The 3rd man: No, Harry Lime does not live here.

Well the auditions yielded 2 out of the 3 roles to be cast. The last role, the tough guy, was never cast so now I have to scramble to get this part cast. I have 2 guys lined up to audition for the role this weekend though and if looks are any indication, I think I have the perfect fit.

The shot list is finalized now and we will go through it on the pre-production meeting to validate what we are doing. Next weekend I will be training my sound guy on how to use the Edirol R-1 and how to boom a scene for dialog. We will do it at the location and simulate the scenes so that he can get a feel for doing this.

October 9th is our pre-production / crew rehersal and the 16th will be the principal photography day YAY!

I have been researching how to build a low cost 35mm lens adapter for the Z1U but so far no solution seems reasonable. I have not given up though.

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