Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Countdown to extasy

Soooooo, I am on a conference call at work yesterday and they decide that they want me to work on the day of the shoot for the Aquarium. Needless to say, I was not agreeable to this :) - So I am going to train one of my peers to run the tests that I would have run on that Sunday so that my schedule is not impacted.

Sunday is the full crew rehearsal. I feel pretty good that it will be a good time. I have re-written the shots that used the crane to simplify them and, in the end, I think that they will be better shots that will be more aligned to the story. We have some more shopping to do for some small Sundry items.

I picked up the Gitzo G557C mic boom yesterday from EVS in Glendale. I was going to get it from B&H but since they are a Jewish company and Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New year) is all this week, I had to go to EVS. I will say that the folks at EVS are very nice and helpful. The prices are the same as B&H but I have to pay local sales tax.

The boom is 9' and 1.1lbs. Pretty decent and was not too expensive. I was able to mount the old mic shockmount from the old boom onto the new one once I figured out that I had to remove a threading adapter that the mount had on it. This setup should allow Mike, the sound guy, a lot more flexability in terms of where he can stand to boom each shot.

We decided that we will only use the dolly for one shot. This is the reaction shot at the end of the film where we will do a backwards dolly while zooming in to maintain the framing of the reaction shot which will make the background compress. In post I plan to ramp the timing of the shot slow to fast. Should make a decent effect.

Updated the shot list last night and then had Nancy go over it and add her notes to it (setup/lighting/camera settings etc) so unless I have another major change, the shot list should be finalized.

In unrealted news, Nancy got an e-mail from Roy's Hawaiian Fusion resturant yesterday saying that they are donating 100 percent of their profits for today's business to the Katrina recovery.

I like Roy's but I prefer the steaks at Ruth's Chris. Nancy looked at Ruth's Chris's site and what are they doing? They will sell you a "discounted" $75 bottle of wine and donate the profits to Katrina. This, I do NOT get. Ruth's Chris is FROM N'awlins! What the hell are they thinking?


Gary said...

Mmmmm... Ruth Chris steakhouse... I'm hoping my wife will take me there for my Birthday coming up on the 15th.

B-Scene Films said...

Oct 15th - And mine is Nov 15th. Plus 25 years :)