Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Thanks to Everyone!!

MANY thanks to everyone who helped with our first short!! - David Evans for stepping in at the last minute to be Sparky; Mikos Zavros for playing Brent; Danny Mourning for playing Paul. And the crew - Mike Mahoney (boom operator and sound); Leika Nakamura (1st Asst. Camera); Thu-Ha Nguyen (2nd Asst. Camera); Randy Green (Script supervisor); and the grips: Jim Heffington; Mark Urun; K.C. Phillips and Joe McGee. Joe also took behind-the-scenes photos (and so did Leika and Mark). And a special thanks to Mika Nakamura for watching her baby brother (Cooper) so her parents (Jim and Leika) could help us out.

Nance (Melinda Keyes)

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