Monday, October 10, 2005

Like a virgi...errr moron...

Well, we did the full crew rehersal yesterday and it went REALLY well. We were able to test out the new shots and it's all working a LOT better I think. We had some of the crew folks double for the actors and did our blocking and shot every setup. It took about 3 hours total to do them all so we are figuring on about 5 hours total with lunch and re-takes.

Now, what does that title mean? It means I am a moron since I replaced the mic cable and did not test it out before we went and sure enough, it failed. So we had no double sound for the rehersal so I am going to find out what is wrong with it today and correct the issue.

I did a rough cut of all of the setups today in Premiere and it looks like it will run right around 3 minutes total. We actually got the Hitchcock shot done and while I need to dolly for 15 feet instead of 10, I think it works very well!


Well, it turns out that the cable for the recorder is not bad per-se, but is just the wrong type. It appears to have an impedance matching issue with the recorder. So it looks like I will resort to my old jury rigged cable since I figured out what the issue was with that cable. We also re-did the carry mount for the recorder so that our sound guy will have a much easier time of working with the recorder.

We still have issues with blown-out backgrounds and Nancy and I are going to work on that this week. Yesterday, after I did a rough cut of the film, I did another re-cut of it and it was looking much better then the first shot. We are going to add 2 jump cuts to the reaction shot at the end of the film to punch it up a little.

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