Monday, October 24, 2005

Sunday, bloody Sunday

Well, we made it through our production day. It was an interesting ride. What did I learn?

Well, we were 100 percent prepared. Could not have been more prepared. All of the rehearsals clearly paid off.

However, our lead actor could not make it. He had a call back to do some matching shot on another film that he was working. He was supposed to be about an hour late. But, filmmaking being what it is, he was never able to show up.

We got to the location at about 9:15 and we had set a 10:00 call for this so we were able to get everything setup before the crew arrived. We shot what we could without the lead actor and then waited hoping the lead would show up.

One of the crew (who was, clearly, as bored as I was) suggested one of the other crewmembers play the lead. So, with nothing left to lose, we went for it and it turned out great! He did a great job and fit the role well.

So, other then our lead actor not showing up, we did well I think. The crew did a stellar job as did the actors. Overall, I think we were prepared and ready for this shoot.

More later...

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