Sunday, October 02, 2005


Well, the rehersal went very well today. The audio results were outstanding. Mike really did a great job with it and looking at the audio in Audition, the nominal level was -12db - Perfect :)

The dolly/crane stuff I am thinking about nuking because they will take a LOT of practice to master - Much more then we have time for on this shoot, so I am going to re-design the shots that use them. I will probably still try the Virtigo zoom/dolly shot at the end though.

Looks like I need a new cable for the mic as well as the connector at the recorder end of things was having issues. Additionally, I am thinking it might be good to get a longer boom for Mike to use as he was running up against the limits of the 6.5' boom that we have now.

Lots of revisions to the "Need to bring this to the set" list today and we will have a bit of shopping to do this week for a few various and sundry items.

Next Sunday - Full crew rehearsal!

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