Saturday, October 22, 2005

But wait! There's less!

Well, Tomorrow is the day for the shoot. Yesterday we went over to the location to rehearse with our "Tough guy" since he was unable to make the previous rehearsal. Since he is involved in the 2 most complicated shots in the film, we wanted to get some time with him and work through the shots.

The ending shot of the film is what we spent the most time rehearsing and the setup time to get the dolly setup just right took about 2 hours. So, in the interest of expediting tomorrow's shoot, we decided to do that shot yesterday and use the best of about 8 takes. And we did indeed get a take that I think will do the trick. Since there is only music on that shot, sound was not an issue for us.

So, that's one LESS shot we have to do tomorrow :)

We had to deal with a lot of mud yesterday as the location has been rained on and no real hot sun to speak of to dry it out so I will be wearing my hip-waders on Sunday I think. We have 2 or 3 other dolly shots for tomorrow but they are simple ones - The one we did yesterday used 15' of dolly track and was a bit of a pain to deal with.

The new mic cable that I had custom built for this was supposed to be here yesterday by noon. But alas, it arrived too late so I will pick them up today and test today. Pretty much today is burned by prep stuff for tomorrow.


Well I got the new cables and they both work perfectly. So that is all taken care of. Everything is loaded up, charged up and we are ready to go. I hope :)

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