Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bad picture quality EXPOSED!

Well, I took tomorrow off so that we can head over to the location and seriously document the exposure settings for the different times of day, mark the areas that we will need to use the reflectors and the silks. Run some tests between the two different spots in the location that we will be shooting and explore the possability of narrowing it all down to one spot.

Previous tests have had seriously blown out backgrounds. Last Sunday we did a test by putting some netting behind the set to cut down the light but it was not enough so we are bringing 2 more layers of netting to try out and get that background under control!

Going to pick up some rope and stakes today so we can better secure the PVC frame that holds up the netting. I finalized the poster for the film and you can see it on our home page. The photo in the background is a Garabaldi swimming in the California kelp beds that Nancy took when she was Scuba Diving a few years ago. I thought it was perfect for the poster :)

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Ro said...

The poster is AWESOME! Great photo, Nance. Right on, Mikee!