Monday, October 17, 2005

It never rains in California

But boy, don't they warn ya, it pours. Man, it pours...

Thunder. Lightning. A roar of rain as it hits the roof here and visability about 100 yards right now. It's supposed to do this in Jan/Feb, not October...Ahh well, good thing I dont have any running around to do tonight as Nancy and I did our last minute film related shopping last night. We picked up the last bit of PVC that we need to make the scrim frame with and cut it to size in the parking lot of Home Depot. last night.

We still have C-stands to pick up for this but we can get them Wed night when the rain stops. Or is predicted to stop. The prediction for Sunday is sunny and a Balmy 72 degrees. But I have seen that go from a prediction of 85 on Monday to 68 and raining by Wed. so we are thinking positive thoughts and hope that this Sunday we have good weather.

A little cloudy would be good as it would help knock down the blown out BGs and we could minimize our use of the scrims. Nancy bought a case for her new Linux server that she has put together by cobbling various and sundry parts that we have around the house. She has had it set up on a board in the office with the bare MB and power supply sitting there so the case is a good thing that will give us back some badly needed room in the office.

We also picked up drive-drawers for our machines at home so in the event of an earthquake / fire / whatever, we can quickly grab the hard drives out of our machines as we make our hasty exit.

We are hoping for good weather on Friday as well as we are headed back to the location to rehearse with our "tough guy" actor. We will test out the new scrim, setup 15ft of dolly track to extend the effect of the "Hitchcock" shot that we are doing and test out the new mic cables that I had made which should be here by Wed.

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