Friday, November 04, 2005

The light at the end of the wave

Ahhhhh, the challenge of Premiere. Well no one on any of the message boards that I frequent was able to explain why Premiere was not showing my starburst until I loaded up a TIFF file sequence...Not surprising since Lightwave is not a mainstream application.

So I played around with this some more last night and found that a .MOV uncompressed file worked well and showed the starburst nicely. So I eliminated the TIFF sequence (it took Premiere a hella long time to load the project with 165 1440x1080 TIFF frames) and replaced it with the .MOV file and that seems to work well.

I also replaced the the opening title for the film with .MOV just for consistancy. Additionally, I was having issues with the end titles when displayed on the TV. On the computer they looked just fine. To fix this, I changed the typeface to Arial Bold (sans serif) and made the text yellow. This corrected the issue nicely but I did not like the look of the text anymore.

So last night I removed the yellow color and changed it to 80% white (so that it falls within NTSC broadcast specifications) and removed the bold attribute. After that, the text looked great! And no more nasty yellow!

In the production Company logo sequence I had a serif typeface that had some issues on certain displays as well so I replaced that last night with a sans-serif typeface and while I don't think it looks as 'cool' as the old one, it looks much better on all of the displays that I tested it on.

I burned a number of test DVDs and checked them on our HDTV. I was right up by the screen to kind of scrutinize it. Also because when I would come out of the office to the living room I still had my computer glasses on :) Nancy was at a normal viewing distance and said it looked great but I was seeing motion artifacts being up close to the TV. I will check it again tonight at a normal viewing distance and see if I am just being too anal.

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