Monday, November 14, 2005

Long, yet pleasantly gruelling Sunday re-shoots

Well, Sunday's re-shoots went well, I think. In the morning we re-did scene two's reactions shot on Notso Bryte followed by the opening shot on Notso. We then attempted to re-do the main shot for scene two but the sun was just not working in our favor and no matter how we setup the diffusers, it was just not going to work.

We broke for lunch and, since Melissa wanted to re-shoot the dolly shot at the end of scene two, we set about setting up the dolly and she spent about 90 minutes trying to get a decent 15' level dolly shot but it was clear we were not going to get that shot. I was happy with the original one anyway, so no loss there.

At this point, the sun was working in our favor so we broke the dolly setup down and setup to re-shoot the the main shot for scene two. We did 11 takes on this shot and the light was really prefect for us so I wanted a lot of takes on this so that I had a high level of confidence that I would get what I wanted out of this re-shoot. We did 2 more takes at the end where I had the actors just do an improv however they liked and that was fun. That had a pretty funny take on the scene.

Following that, we set up for the jump cut shots that I wanted on my tough guy Danny. So we got those down and Danny did a great 'ANGRY' face for those shots. following this we broke down and packed up. It was about 5:30 and we were all pretty beat. A number of us headed over to the E-bar in Simi to have a few drinks and unwind.

Today, I am very sore. When I got home last night about 8:30 I was beat and after bringing up about half of the gear from the cars, I was glad to lay down and get some sleep. Tonight I will capture off of the camera and sound recorder and see if we got anything better then what we had before.

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