Thursday, January 24, 2008

New MacPro review pending

We have one of the new 8 core MacPros here at B-Scene and this weekend I plan to run it through it's paces. My review will be focused on FCS performance. I'll contrast it to the 2007 MacPro quad that we use.

Most reviews on these boxes tend to be focused on raw benchmark numbers ( Like MacWorld's tests HERE). I will be looking at the machine from a more post production real-world perspective. One that uses FCS 2.0 as my benchmark software.

Stay tuned!


James Hedrick said...

Hi, James Hedrick again here. Really looking forward to some "real-world" numbers with that beast.

modifoo said...

Will be interesting to see. Isn't it amazing how much raw power one can carry these days in a shoulderbag?

Hey, throw in a Red, some Dedos and a Kino, and you have a small HD production fitting in your car's trunk. ;)

(And for fun it would be cool to see how the MacBook Air fares)