Thursday, January 31, 2008

FCP tip

There are times when I want to apply a filter to more than one clip. I might adjust some settings and decide that I want that same thing applied to another clip. Easy enough, I right click on the filter in the filter pane and select copy. Then double click on the destination clip and paste the filter and it's settings so that they are applied to the new clip.

Easy enough :)

But if what I want is to apply a crop to another clip, I don't have the option of copy/paste in the settings window like I do with the filter window. Try as I might, no amount of right clicking on the crop effect in the motion tab window will give me a copy option...

Additionally, what if I want to copy a filter effect and apply it to more than one clip? Or the motion pane's settings for that matter? Well, this tip solves both issues.

Once I have the motion pane and filter settings that I want to apply to one or more clips, I right click on the clip in the timeline and select copy from the context menu. Then I select the destination clip(s) - One clip or a bunch - And I right click anywhere in the selected clip(s) in the timeline and select paste attributes.

This will bring up a pop-up menu that will allow you to select what attributes you would like to have pasted into the destination clips (such as crop, motion, filters etc). Select the items you want to have applied, click the OK button on the pop-up and voila!

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