Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Do not update to Quicktime 7.4 UPDATED

you are a user of After Effects. There is a serious bug in the current version of Quicktime 7.4 that causes renders in AE to stop pre-maturely and forces AE to issue a permissions error.

Aparently this is tied to the DRM changes that went live in the current 7.4 version of Quicktime.

I have done a bunch of output from FCP 6.x using 7.4 and I have had no issues whatsoever. The issue has only been reported in After Effects so far.

UPDATE: Seems that it is causing an issue with streaming quicktime through the browser plugin - I have had it fail on Safari, Firefox and IE7 so far. - Bottom line: DON'T UPDATE TO 7.4. If you already have, consider using Time Machine in Leopard or a restore point in Win XP or Vista to roll back. Sorry, Tiger and previous OS X users - No fix for you :(

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modifoo said...

Messes with Red as well:


But as always, do wait a couple of weeks with any major updates. QT is so central in the FCP structure, that I would not mess with it. Never update at a point where you cannot afford 2 days to re-install everything...