Thursday, March 06, 2008

Zombies and HD For Indies comes to LA

Mike Curtis over at the HD For Indies blog is moving from Austin to LA. I have been reading Mike's blog and chatting with him in e-mails for a few years and it's always been one of my favorite blogs. Mike is moving out here to persue his career. Welcome home, Mike!

On the current project front, Nance has finished up the VO script so I will be recording that tonight as well as fixing a few last minute sound issues in the current project. While she has been slaving away on this, I have been working on some music with my friend KC Phillips.

KC is a talented professional musician and he has been graciously helping me record a composition of mine using Apple Logic. KC has been a longtime user of Steinburg's CuBase. I am new to using Logic so KC and I have been learning it together and I have to say I am TOTALLY blown away by this product. What a WONDERFUL tool it is. It is cool enough that KC has decided to dump CuBase, get a Mac and switch to Logic.


There is a thing in the credit world called Zombie debt. This is debt that is no longer valid but that creditors still persue. The victims of Zombie Debt harrassment have legal recourse and can collect damages as a result of this.

So, B-Scene has been retained to do a Zombie Debt commercial for a local legal firm. It will be done in a cheesy 50s Sci-Fi look. Very tounge in cheek. As soon as we are done with the current project, I hope to start getting this rolling. I will be taking the proposal this weekend and writing up a script for it.

We will blog about the process and get a copy of the final product up onto YouTube once we are done for all to see and enjoy.

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