Sunday, March 23, 2008

Soundtrack Pro 2.0 video tutorial

With my recent frustration with picture posting using Blogger, I had decided to do my next Soundtrack Pro tutorial as a video tutorial. To accomplish this on the mac, there are basically 2 choices: SnapZ Pro and iShowU. iShowU is written by a small company in New Zealand. I looked at both applications and decided to buy iShowU.

Buying iShowU supports the little guy and should meet my needs for the tutorial.

So, today I recorded the tutorial and then attempted to bring the iShowU file into FCP to clean it up before I converted it to FLV for the web. But FCP would not accept the file. After some experimentation with iShowU, I found out that it works fine as long as I do not record audio generated by the Mac. Well, a tutorial on an audio application is DOA without that ability.

It appears to be a bug in iShowU. If I record just audio of myself talking into the mic, FCP digests the file just fine. It is only when I record system audio that FCP generates a General Error and will not allow me to work with the media.

I fired off an e-mail to the author about this issue. He is pretty responsive (having answered my questions before I purchased the product). Hopefully he will have a reasonable solution to this issue. I don't want to have to introduce additional steps into the process just to overcome this audio issue.

I'll post my findings here in the next day or 2. I know this is not directly film making / Post related but hopefuly, some of you readers will gain some benefit from my experience with this.


Tom Parish said...

I have a suggestion for you. I've been working with SCREENFLOW from

It's not too expensive and it works SO well. Powerful and you can import the Quicktime file to FCP if needed but I haven't needed to do that.

Anyway, my two cents.

with appreciation for your blogging and ongoing help.

B-Scene Films said...

Thanks, Tom. I'll check it out. Thanks for the kind comments too :)