Sunday, March 02, 2008

BUSY weekend

Well, the current project is ALMOST done. Nancy was up until 8 AM this morning grinding this thing out in Apple Color. Today I will be finishing up the sound for the project. I spoke to the client yesterday and they are excited to get it done and love what they have seen so far.

Due to NDA, I can't really blog about what the project is but I will be glad to get it out of here. Nancy shot it before Christmas and we have been posting it since then...

Once it is done, we will start on a commercial. This will be a LOT of fun and a real hoot to do. It will be a bit of an homage to 50s b-movie sci-fi. I'll blog about that as we do it.

Shane Ross over at Little Frog pointed out a REALLY nice utility that will completely uninstall FCS. Back when I went from FCS 1 to FCS 2, I ran into all kinds of ugly licensing issues and I could have really used this item.

Anyway, check it out HERE.

And, yes, the MB Frames review is in process - but running late still as we are trying to get this current project finalized and out the door.

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Martin Weiss said...

d all those possible hick-ups when upgrading to the new FCP version, by doing a total new install of OSX whenever that time comes. Takes about half a day, but then I know that we start with a prestine new version of everything, rather than a bunch of patched programmes.