Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Anyone who has read this blog for a year or more knows that my personal favorite film is Raiders of the lost Ark. I hated Temple of Doom. I really liked Last Crusade. Well, the trailer for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is up over at Yahoo.

Check it out HERE. Go watch it and then come back for my comments on this.

I had seen a still of Harrison Ford on the set of this film 6 months ago. When I heard that they were doing another film and that Harrison would reprise his role I was VERY skeptical. I felt he was too old to pull it off. After I saw the still I thought OK, maybe he CAN do this.

Now I see the trailer and while it's clear, he has the physical acumen to do the role, there are a couple of issues for me. He looks a LOT older than he did in Crusade. That's fine. But the film appears to take place in the late 40s, early 50s (I could be wrong - just going on what I see in the trailer). I find it implausible that the character would have aged this much in that short of a period of time - Yes, you can rationalize it by saying that with all he has been through on his adventures, it's amazing he looks as good as he does.

But that is a rationalization that just won't fly for me. So, age issues aside, I liked the trailer except for the line he used when he falls into the windshield of the truck. "Damn, I thought that was closer". I just sounded BAD to me. Maybe I am being too harsh, after all, this is just a trailer. But the bar is set pretty high here. I would like to see them just hit the bar. They don't have to leap over it. Will I go and see it in the theaters when it comes out? Damn right I will :)


Anonymous said…
The film takes place in 1957... 19 years after the time period in LC. So they have appropriately 'aged' Indy. I think Ford looks amazing!
B-Scene Films said…
OK - If it's 57, that's not as bad as I thought.
patrick said…
it's gonna be tough to even come close to the quality and originality of the original Indiana Jones'

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