Saturday, February 16, 2008

FCP Tip and the next review.

Been a slow week for news for us to blog - Yes, Aperature 2 is out, yes Apple TV Take 2 was released, yes it looks like HD-DVD is dead after all. But you can read about that stuff on 21 jiggazillion blogs out there. So here is an FCP tip to hold you over until our next article.

(Thanks to Nance for this one)


If you position the playhead over a specific frame in the timeline and you want to know exactly where that frame is located in your media, press f. This will load the clip into the viewer and position you at the same frame that you have the playhead positioned over in the timeline. The menu command to do this is View->Matchframe.

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's day - I am sure Hallmark did :)

The next review

Oh yeah - I mentioned the next review that I'll be doing. That will be coming up next weekend. I'll be reviewing Red Software's Magic Bullet Frames. Since we shoot 1080i HDV, this software has some real potential value for us here at B-Scene.

Stay tuned :)

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