Monday, February 18, 2008

Beautiful camerawork

I am a frequent visitor over at the Rebel Cafe and through that discussion group I met a young filmmaker who goes by the handle GageFX. Gage has been working on an indie feature that he wrote and is directing. He recently posted some footage that he did while messing around with a steadicam and some rollerblades. Check it out HERE.

He calls it the Bladecam.


Martin Weiss said...

Just to be a spoilspot, at times the footage is very overexposed, and it seems the camera isn't properly levelled.

That said, there are some very smooth moves. Love the one going through a very tight spot.

Rollarcam, keep rolling :)

B-Scene Films said...

Well, this was not rehearsed or anything. Gage just shot this after the day's shoot was over for some footage of his dog and girlfriend.

Lighted Path Films & Productions said...

This definitely shows some great potential. So smooth on the 'blades' he seems to be. On blades there is a certain spontaneity that can't be rehearsed. The steadycam definitely kept things steady.