Thursday, October 25, 2007

Leopard: Just say no

Well, tomorrow is the big day. Apple will release OS X 10.5 Leopard. This is a pretty huge update for OS X. 300 new features (see a complete list HERE) and a lot of security updates under the hood as well. I REALLY hope that they have fixed the oddball networking issues that I run into between Windows XP and OS X (Windows can see the Mac but the Mac cannot see Windows etc.).

I know that they are going to separate network requests into their own process so that when you try to access a network resource that is down or unreachable, you won't get the spinning Technicolor pizza of death and have to re-start the finder.

So, why "Just say no."? Well, if you are using your Mac for your day to day work and depending on it for your livelihood, I would HIGHLY recommend that you wait to see what kind of issues crop up with this new update.

This weekend I will be updating our secondary Mac with 10.5 and I will be testing it with the following applications:

DVD Studio Pro
Motion 3
Soundtrack Pro 2
Photoshop CS3
After Effects CS3
Dreamweaver CS3

All of these apps are the current versions. If I get time I will test with the current versions of iLife as well.

I will blog the results of this testing on Sunday or Monday. I'll also blog my initial impressions of the update. Once I am convinced that 10.5 is stable and there are no issues with it we will migrate it to the main Mac that we use for post work.

When I tested out Vista, I ran it inside of a VMWare VM session on my main WinXP box. I did that because I did not trust the new update and I did not have a machine that I could just install it on and not have it impact my work. So I ran it in the VM and there it sits still. I still do not trust it. The security in Vista is SO in your face as to make it obtrusive and counter-productive.

I seriously doubt that I will ever use it as my mainstream OS for Wintel.

Stay tuned for my Leopard report here!



Shane Ross said...

Mike...thank you for being a guinea pig. The world needs guinea pigs. And lab rats. And white mice.

B-Scene Films said...

Well I am lucky that I have a spare Mac to do this on :)