Monday, October 01, 2007

Busy weekend

Well, the past week has been pretty busy for us. Working on pre-production for Thicker than Blood. We have been going through and breaking the script down into shots and storyboarding as we go. Trying to keep setups to a minimum as we choose the shots that best emphasize and convey the story.

In between working on that, I have been playing around with PowerTab. This is an Open source guitar tablature program. If any of you out there play the guitar, this is a great learning tool and there is a great library of tablatures to go along with it. I encourage you all to check it out HERE.

In other news, Letus (makes of a 35mm lens adapter for DV) have announced a new version of their adapter. In the past I have avoided their products because of questionable build quality. However, this new version looks to be a very nice tool. Built-in image flip (these adapters flip the normal image when used), reduced light loss. All in all, this looks very promising. Check out a full review of it HERE.

RED has been in the news lately since they have begun shipping cameras and OffHollywood in NYC has done an extensive set of tests with the camera using real world shooting situations. TekServe has edited together all of the coverage of this event and you can see it HERE.

Mark Schubin, Emmy winning broadcast consultant and overall video UberGeek has a great article on lighting in the current issue of Videographer Magazine. In the article he points out that Lowel has a great interactive lighting education site up. Check it out HERE.

Speaking of Mark, he produces a GREAT bi-weekly podcast called The Schubin Report. He covers all kinds of aspects of the broadcast industry as well as explaining many technical aspects of video in layman's terms. Click on his name up above to check out his podcast site and subscribe today!

David Cronenberg's new film Eastern Promises looks to be another great film from this master director. His previous film, A History of Violence, was, IMO his best work to date. Easter Promises looks to be setting the bar even higher. There is an interview with David online that makes for some great reading. Check it out HERE.

Blender 3D is an open-source 3D modelling and rendering package. I have been a user of Lightwave for many years and I do not expect that to change anytime soon since learning a new 3D package is a career unto itself. However, there is a great comparison online that details out the differences between Blender and the other major packages (Lightwave, Maya, XSI, 3DS Max etc). Check it out HERE.

As a final note today, one of my favorite podcasts, All movie talk, has come to an end. It has been a great 52 episode run for these guys and the logistics of producing a high quality podcast as they have done can be pretty daunting. Steven and Sam, thank you both very much for all of the work that you did on this podcast. You will be truly missed!

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