Friday, October 12, 2007

Indy 4: Just a taste

In my youth I was probably a fanboi of a number of different things, but as I got older and more jaded, all of those things fell to the wayside. All except one: Indiana Jones. When Raiders was released, I had zero knowledge of it. A friend of mine suggested that we go see it. I had no expectations. But, wow, I was blown away. I have probably seen the film over 30 times in the intervening years. The film remains timeless for me and never gets old. The effects still hold up today just as they did when the film was released.

When Temple of Doom was released I had very high expectations. But I walked out on the film. And I VERY rarely walk out on a film. I just hated this film. Still do. Then, when Last Crusade came out (I guess it was not the last, now was it?), I had jaded expectations. But I loved every minute of it. My only crit was that I wished they had taken more time to let the audience really get to know Jones Sr. I really liked the character and loved Connery's portrayal of him.

When I heard that Indy 4 was being made and that Harrison was going to reprise the role, I figured that this was going to be a really bad thing. And then I saw a picture of Mr. Ford in costume and my spirits were lifted.

For those of you who are interested in a little taste of what is to come, /Film has a nice little writeup that you can read HERE.

An interesting aside is how Spielberg eschews digital technology. I remember when he gave a talk at the UCLA film school about 5 years ago and stated that as long as there was film, he would shoot on film. In fact, on Munich, his editor was relegated to using a Movieola at the director's insistence. Looks like his first taste of an Avid will come as he co-directs Tintin with Peter Jackson following the conclusion of the production of Indy 4.

Spielberg, clearly a curmudgeon, is still a curmudgeon whose work continues to inspire and delight filmgoers everywhere.

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