Friday, July 20, 2007

The plague strikes

Been down with the flu for the last week.  One of those bastard musicians that came over for the jam session on Sunday gave it to me.  So here is some quick tips until I get around to blogging the last show that we did for Hot Rod TV (a special Mustang built just for Sammy Hagar).

Reduce your footage capture time in FCP - HERE
Apple's new Color application - Issues and gotchas - HERE
An AppleScript to send a compressor file to multiple servers - HERE

Well, chew on that for a few days - I am off to Las Vegas for my Mom's 75th birthday and I will be back on Sunday night.  I'll post a couple of stills from the Hagar show and go over what we did with it on Monday.

Also, next weeks LAFCPUG meeting will be all about Apple's Color (formerly Final Touch) so I will have a nice overview of what gets shown at the meeting later in the week.  Stay tuned!

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