Monday, July 09, 2007

Boxcar Burt

Well, the '57 Boxcar episode of Hot Rod TV that Nancy offlined aired last week and it came out very nice. She spent a lot of time and stressed like mad over it (like every edit she does). This weekend was cutdowns for an episode of Hot Rod TV that chronicles the anniversary of the Bandit Trans Am. They did a run that mirroed the original run from Smokey and the Bandit.

They had a lot of nice interviews with owners. Some of these guys are pretty OCD about the car and the image. One guy looked just like Burt, dressed the same as Burt did in the film and owned an exact replica of the Bandit Trans Am. Pretty funny stuff. Burt Reynolds was sick at the time and could not make it to the event. And if I was Burt, I would have been sick too :)

I'll post when that episode airs as well. Other then that, I worked on some motion graphics, sound effects and music for a Hot Rod TV intro piece using AE and Encore. I will be composing / recording some metal music to play over a montage of Hot Rod footage this week to put in our reel.

In other news... If you read my Apple diatribe you will see where I had an issue with the company's arrogance. Now, while my recent experiences with the company have been positive, I think that Apple is in a position to re-live the days of arrogance as evidenced in the Apple Insider article regarding Jobs in the UK recently.

The rumor is that a lot of the UK/European cell carriers that have attempted to negotiate with Apple over their potential partnership using the iPhone have been floored by the arrogance of the company. It's our way or the highway kind of a deal.

It would seem that some of the developers out there are having some issues with Apple's apathy as well: Literature and Latte

Now, personally, I have no issue with this as long as this kind of attitude does not filter down to the lowly end users that actually keep the company alive.

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jen said...

I'm in the Boxcar 57 episode and I see that the DVD is being released the first week of March. When it was being filmed I was told there would be an uncut/outtake DVD available at some point. Do you know if this is true, and if so where would I look?

I appreciate your time and response. Thanks!

Denny Dera
Wheel to Wheel Powertrain