Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Tangent control surface

Well, around this time last year I was whining about the cost of control surfaces. At that time, only JL Cooper offered one on the cheap for $5000 (since lowered in price to about $3100). I felt that with the availability of Final Touch as part of the Final Cut Studio suite (under the name Color), that this was a golden opportunity for some resourceful hardware manufacturer to provide a control surface for the masses.

Enter Tangent.

Announced at NAB this week is their new, affordable, control surface. Priced around $1000 this looks like a REALLY sweet tool for using Color in FCS on the Mac.

You can read ALL about it HERE.

Very cool.


Keith Hill said...

This is a great item. And, they will greatly rewarded for there development of the product.

It also looks like an opportunity for you to train us on the use of the control surface working with Color. At least, I would be interested in such a training.

B-Scene Films said...

I got ZERO feedback on that last tutorial - Was really not planning on doing anymore based on that...

Keith Hill said...

What tutorial? I don't know where you've done one on Color other than the Color DVD trainings I acquired last year through Zoom in and Ripple Training's Color Grading with Color.

I think it's a matter of timing and aligning with the release of a product like this. I would think that Tangent may be willing to sponsor something along those lines. If not a DVD training on how to use the control surface a VideoPodcast subscription through iTunes I think would catch on.

This thing will be for under $1,000. This puts in my reach and as such I would be willing to be trained by an experienced colorist on how to use it.

You're the man for this.

Things are seriously changing. Just think. I will have a 3K Scarlet. Final Cut Studio with Color. It all comes together now. I don't need Scratch I'll be able to do it all in Studio apps now. Position yourself in this.

That's my opinion.

B-Scene Films said...
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B-Scene Films said...

I did one on STP - you can see it here:


Keith Hill said...

Oh ok. I thought you were saying that you had done one on Color. That's the reason why I mentioned the control surface.

I'm into Soundtrack Pro. So, I'll check it out.

B-Scene Films said...

Nancy would be the one to do one for color as she is the colorist here :)

Lex said...

thanks for the STP tutorial Mike. Please keep 'em coming (on any FCS software)!