Thursday, April 03, 2008

Continuity and other things

Over at the Rebel site I started a thread about continuity that was triggered by this NYT article HERE.

Someone pointed out an excellent illustration of this effect with this video here:


Other things:

FINALLY we are done with the current project and we will be delivering it this weekend YAY! The following weekend we will be setting up the opening shot for the Zombie commercial. This will involve dressing the set, setting up the dolly shot and lighting and rehearsing the shot. The following weekend we will shoot it with the actress.

I'll post on here some shots as we do this.

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Rob:-] said...

"Did you see the moonwalking bear?"

Yes and no. The first time I saw this video I noticed a rather pecularly dressed person walking through the middle of the scene but that was no more remarkable than the rest of the action. In truth there is no bear in that scene.

And I never did see the bicycle. Did you?