Monday, April 14, 2008

Good weekend

Well I updated FCP on our test machine to 6.0.3 and ran it through the wringer and no issues were found.

Nance had her client over on Sunday to review her final onlined version of the doc project and the client loved it. She finalized the menus for the DVD and it goes out today.

I secured an actress for the Zombie debt commercial and I think we are good to go for the opening shots in about a week. Nance has to get a new 1K key light for it but she should be able to nail that down this week.

Seeing some very nice announcements out of NAB today. I won't re-hash all of it since it is plastered all over the net today. Red's Scarlet looks nice but the fixed lens is a deal killer for me. The new Sony EX3 (what happened to EX2?) looks VERY nice. If you can put a PL mount on that and slap some real cine glass on it, that will be huge.

I have to say, that I am not a fan of the psuedo shoulder mount (a'la Canon's XL series). Either do it right or leave it be IMHO. My only other concern with the camera is the potential for rolling shutter artifacts.

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