Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pending editorial, and some legal stuff.

I have an editorial in the works that I plan to get posted up here this weekend. It covers technology and it's impact on the film industry.

Nance has been on a gig doing some legal videos in support of some law suit. She rented an hand held rig from EVS to do the footage and it seems to have worked out well. She has all of the footage captured now (about 2 hours worth) and will be cutting it down to a 10 minute video. There will be stills intercut with it and she will layer some sappy tear jerker music over it. Should be nice when it's done.

I start a new 9-5 gig out in Ventura at If you are not aware of them, is one of the premiere sources for training materials on all things media. Check them out HERE.

We have also finally bitten the bullet and ordered a Redrock M2 Cine-lens adapter with follow focus. Redrock has an image inverter that they will be shipping in Feb. and we will pick one of those up as well.

Nance also picked up some new lighting gear at Filmtools out in Burbank. When the M2 gets here, we will post pics of the unboxing, assembly and some subsequent footage shot on the Z1 with it using Nikon lenses (I have a TON of high end Nikon still lenses that I have collected over the years).

So stay tuned for some interesting updates here!

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