Thursday, November 15, 2007

Red One software - Incoming reviews

Over at Mike Curtis's HDForIndies blog, he has links to the newly releaced REDAlert, REDCine and FCP 6 plug in for RED. He also links to some RED footage so that you can play with the software. Check them out HERE.

Normally I don't link to stuff on Mike's blog because I assume you all read his blog (if you are not, you should be) and do not need me to be spamming his site over here. I post this here today because I think it's important.

I think it's important that Red makes these resources available to non-owners of the Red camera. If you are considering renting a Red, you MUST understand what the workflow with the camera will be. By providing these resources to the public at large, anyone that might be considering the rental of a Red One can get the software and some footage and take all the time they need to gain an understanding of the workflow.

I have downloaded both the Mac and Windows software as well as the FCP plugin and the demo footage. Next week I will do a writeup in detail on both the Mac and Win versions of the software as well as how the FCP plugin works.

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