Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Avid to blow off NAB 2008

Avid press release HERE.

Wow. I would never have predicted that Avid would do this. Yes, they have been under pressure by competing products from Apple, Sony and Adobe amongst others. But their products are still the mainstay of both broadcast TV, Cable and major studio projects.

They speak of customer focus and re-alignment to customer needs. I hope that this is indeed true as there has been a growing perception of Avid's arrogance in the post world. Avid makes the premiere editing systems in use today. Yes, they have been impacted by products like FCP and appear to be very slow to react to them.

Their absence from NAB does not sound like a good thing. But I suspect that Avid spends a lot of money on this and other trade shows. Maybe they plan to redirect thos funds towards re-inventing the company towards a more customer focused business model.

I hope so. Avid provides competition for all of the other players in this market. I hope they continue to do that. This way, we will all win.

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