Tuesday, September 04, 2007

RED arrives

First off, HUGE kudos to Jim Jannard of RED for delivering this product that will change the game in both indie and big budget productions. There were a LOT of people who were convinced that this was a scam and that the folks that laid down their deposits were fools soon to be separated from their money.

There are a number of writeups on the RED One's arrival in the wilds. First off is FxGuide's coverage that you can read HERE.

Next up is Mike Curtis's coverage and photo gallery that you can see HERE.

And finally, over at RedUser.org, there is a great thread and some sample frame grabs (in 4K!!) that you can check out HERE. You can check out a BUNCH of stuff in the Field Tests forum over at RedUser in addition to that thread. Check it out HERE.

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend and stayed cool!

1 comment:

modifoo said...

Nice find!

Looking forward to the first Reds arriving here in Norway. Will give them a run through.

Am curious to see about its handability, i.e. how it works on documentary style shooting.