Monday, September 17, 2007

A barrage of production links

Been a week or so since I last blogged. Been pretty busy over the last week. At work, the rats are leaving the ship so I have had to do 3 people's jobs - But all for the same crappy pay! We had a jam this last weekend that went pretty well.

Previously our setup was: Drummer, Bass player thru Fender bass amp, Lead/Rhythm guitar thru Line 6 amp, Rhythm guitar thru a Fender Super Twin (acoustic) and me on lead guitar thru a Marshall.

The lines 6 amp died so the lead/rhythm guitar was used thru the Fender Twin so I had to buy another amp to accommodate the acoustic guitar. Picked up a Fishman Loudbox that was just amazing. The acoustic guitar just sang out clear as a bell; huge improvement.

On the production front, no real news seems to have come out of IBC in Amsterdam. So, with a somewhat slow news week, I'll toss some links at you.

Report from IBC from Shane Ross
10 things you MUST know about FCP
The ideal age to be a director: 30, give or take 4
Prepping TV spots and PBS guidelines
RED updates from the field
Is RED really a 4K camera?
Make professional looking DVDs
iMovie 06 interface overview
21 Mac Shareware apps for filmmakers

OT: iPhone. Nance and I have iPhones. On the whole, I love the thing. What I HATE about it is AT&T. The coverage is random and unreliable. Half the time I show 4 bars of signal and the thing won't access the internet complaining that the Edge network is not available. Absolute crap :(

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