Saturday, September 08, 2007

OT: Apple again - This just cracks me up

A couple of Apple items here... When Apple announced that they would charge .99 in addition to the cost of a song that you buy on iTunes, my thought was "Yeah right. Ain't nobody gonna buy that!". And sure enough, as soon as iTunes 7.4 was released, a workaround cropped up on the net so that you could make your own ringtones for free. Cool.

This morning I am going over my RSS feeds and see that Apple has released iTunes 7.4.1 and low and behold, the Ringtone hack has been patched. Then, 5 minutes ago I read on Engadget the new workaround for 7.4.1 HERE.

Dear Steve. Just fugedaboudit. As soon as you patch it, it will get a new patch. Time to focus efforts elswhere...

The other Apple item is the Computerworld article on how Apple is the new Microsoft. An interesting read and an interesting perspective as well. But, as they say, opinions are like... Well, you get the picture.

This morning, Dan Frakes of Macworld published a direct rebuttal to the computerworld article entitled Why Apple isn't the new Microsoft. I think both articles are well worth a read. Even moreso are the reader's comments on both. They gave me a nice chuckle with my morning coffee.

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