Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lumberjack - FCP Style

Well, through much experimentation and screwing around, Nancy has finally gotten the FCP sub-clipping process down to a fine art. Using this, she just takes her FW800 drive over to QM Films, gets the footage from them, brings it home and now does all of the logging on the home Mac.

This is very cool since it saves her from driving the 45 miles to QM films twice a day and hammering herself for 12 hours at a crack there. She has documented the process that she uses to do this sub-clipping and I will get that from her and post it here on the blog so that all of you FCPers out there can get a better handle on what FCP is capable of in this regard.

We are also testing out Parallels on the Mac. We got XP installed last night and the goal here is to really see if Nancy can use this and get rid of her Windows machine entirely. A couple of the challenges she faces are the ability to use her scanner and an older ink-jet printer that handles oddball media sizes really well. This combined with Faxing are the final tests for this.

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modifoo said...

Looking forward to that.

And thanks for sharing, too!