Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back to the grindstone

Dateline: May 2009, Moorpark, CA:

Well after an insanely busy few months, I am FINALLY back to doing a bit of blogging here. And, there is a LOT to blog about! First off, what have I had going on in my life?

Well, I went through the joy of a kidney stone and I have another on the way. Not fun...
I lost a friend of mine in a motorcycle accident about 2 months ago. Danny Mourning, who played the tough guy in our film "The Aquarium".

Nancy has been re-editing a feature film "Surviving in LA". It's an independent feature that was shot on 35mm. Some of the original edit was "interesting". One sequence in particular I looked at and my initial response was that it was so bad it should just be cut entirely but Nancy re-cut it and it's stunning now.

I finished the conversion of the main web site of my employer from classic ASP to This was an insanely time consuming and difficult task. The web site is one of the most complex systems I have ever worked on. 16 hour days, 7 days a week but we finally got it done and it is 99% good to go. Still a few glitches here and there.

Nancy got her SteadiCam certification completed and then had to have surgery so she has not been able to do any vigorous physical activity but she is almost 100% and should be back in the rig soon enough.

The Aquarium has an IMDB page after all these years LOL. After the folks at IMDB are done updating it, I will post a link in the blog.

After about 20 drafts, Thicker Than Blood is finally complete and we are starting pre-production on it. I have started storyboarding it in Lightwave. I will be blogging the progress of the film as we move through the process.

So that pretty much catches us up, dear reader.

Media Updates:

And speaking of Steadicam shots, this was pointed out to me recently: A Steadicam operator using a Segway. Amazing stuff. Check it out on the ProVideo Coalition site HERE.

Recently, someone pointed out this Spanish commercial on YouTube to me:

Just a STUNNING masterwork of storytelling. In about 48 seconds, we are introduced to a character that we are immediately invested in, watch her as she goes through the creation of her gift and finally come to see her selflessness in the end. No dialog.


OK, I have a list of topics that I have piled up here to blog on, so I will leave you this this for tonight. More this week.


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