The Maltese Falcon

Nancy and I attended a screening last night at the AMPAS HQ's Samuel Goldwyn theater last night as part of the AMPAS's Film Noir series.  Last night they presented The Maltese Falcon.  The show was preceded by a series of cartoons and trailers.  The idea being that they wanted to emulate the theater going experience as it was in the 40s.  The screening was introduced by Lawrence Kasdan who offered a number of insights into the film

The Good

The print was very very clean.  The SG theater in the AMPAS HQ is clean as a whistle.  None of the normal theater issues were present.  No one talked during the film.  No cell phone went off.  My feet did not stick to the floor.  The sound was excellent.  Mr. Kasdan offered some nice insights into the film and it was very clear that he is a HUGE fan of this film (as am I) admitting to having seen it more than 20 times.  The daughter and granddaughters of Dashiell Hammett were in attendance and informed the MC and Mr. Kasdan that his name is pronounced DASH - EELE.  Not DASH-ALL as most folks would have assumed and have probably heard Hollywood say countless times in the past.

The Bad

Well, not too much bad here.  Nance had not seen the film in many years and was displeased that Mr. Kasdan pointed out a large number of the humorous gags in the film.  She likened it to a trailer that has all of the good jokes in it.  Other than that it was a packed house.  We got there around 6:45 and it took the ushers quite some time to find 2 seats together for Nance and I.

If you have the opportunity to attend one of these I highly recommend it.


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