Monday, August 03, 2009

The importance of slating.

I have always been a huge proponent of slating all shots. I cannot begin to describe the importance of this as well as to stress the impact that the clapper loader can have on a scene.

Now, finally, someone agrees with me. Check it out HERE.

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Rob:-] said...

Well, I've always agreed with you on slating. At least for scripted shoots. Other topics not covered:

A. One slate for all cameras or one slate per camera? I personally like on slate for all cameras because it lets me sync all cameras and separate sound to one point.

B. When do you change the scene ID? I say every time you change the frame weather from a camera move or a lens change (new zoom start). But what about if they do another take but start half way through the scene dialog?

C. When to clap: before the audio ID or after? I've been having the clap before the audio ID slate so I can trim the audio right to that clap sound and then hear the ID data. Then I trim all the clips to the visual point where the stick contacts the slate. Now I can just stack everything together by lining up the start points. (Oh, on the clips while logging I read the slate data and rename the clip to match the slate with scene, angle, take and camera. This lets all the clips sort the same scene, angle and take together with cameras A, B and C one above the other.)