Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wow - Over a month since I have posted

Has not been a lot to report here lately. Most items of interest are covered elsewhere and Nancy and I have been busy posting 5 shows.

However - In case you have not heard of the short film Reverie that was shot on the new Canon EOS 5D MkII still camera, you HAVE to see this. It's just amazing stuff and the author, Vincent Laforet has been VERY generous with this. He has posted original raw clips right from the camera that you can download at his site and play with.

All he asks is that you comment on his blog regarding the need for 24p on the EOS 5D camera so that he can get the message across to Canon.

Check out the blog HERE, the film HERE and download footage HERE.


Martin Weiss said...

For me it is always a good sign if someone is too busy to post on his blog - means you are working and creating. (And along the lines learning new things that you will hopefully blog about at a later time.)

That said, the 5D and it¨s video capabilities has caused quite some stir.

But, alas, it seems that the video quality does not stand up to the demands of professional requirements, as seen when one looks at the full-sized footage. Have a look at this post which describes the problems in detail:

B-Scene Films said...

Interesting discussion there. Lots of valid points in terms of what the target market is for this thing as well as the fact that they shot at ISO 2000 among other things.

Sam said...

Have you seen the new independent film by Rob Margolies- Lifelines? Really enjoyed it.. the filmmaking and storytelling is flawless, a simple narrative which is huge in small moments. Centers around one day in a families life, where inner, buried secrets are exposed, resulting in explosive confessions!!

Irena said...

I loved that film too!!! Great description, you summed it up to perfection lol!! Jane Adams was really great, and her daughter was fab at playing a little b*@#*