Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hot Sunday

Sunday morning. 9 AM. It's 88 degrees on my patio. I think we are in for a long, hot summer.

Been working on a commercial for victims of utility vehicle crashes. Since the commercial has to depict the vehicle in a roll over accident and since I cannot use any specific branded vehicle for this, I am having to do it as a 3D animation sequence. This has been a good challenge. Every time I take on any project that involves using Lightwave, I always learn a LOT about the tool.


In other news, Panavision has a great set of videos up that attempt to de-mystify digital camera specifications. It's a 7 part series and it's well worth watching. You can check it out HERE.


OpenCut is a new contest for editing. But this one (unlike the Tori Amos one) actually looks to be a pretty decent deal. The top prize is an AJA IoHD unit, credit in the finished film and credit in IMDB for editing the film. There is a $25 entry fee and you will need to ship an HD to them that they will load up with 185GB of RED ONE footage, the script, storyboards etc.

Check it out HERE.

If nothing else, check out the FCP / RED Workflow video that they have up there. One of the things I noticed in that video was the use of an on-camera LED Light array.

Nance's last shooting gig was a run-n-gun doc that she had rented a mount for the Z1 as well as a light. The mount was mostly fine for her but the battery pack for the light was just debilitating. VERY heavy and the quality of the light was crappy.

So she recently bought one of these LED arrays for doing run-n-gun and WOW what a difference. The light is MUCH nicer, much more controllable, and the unit weighs NOTHING. Check these out if you get a chance. They are very nice!


That's right, free. Well, free if you have a tripod... You are going to look at this video and think "Why the heck didn't I think of that?". Check it out HERE.


And, finally, check out this video on Kiteboarding. I personally have little interest in this sport. However, the guy that did this video does some REALLY slick stuff with time-remapping / Bullet time. Check it out HERE.

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James said...

Wow... good finds- especially on the time remapping and the crane. You're right... I had never thought of doing that... Thanks!